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Our newest contributor is in one of the most enviable positions available on the employment market – she is   working with Turtles in the Seychelles. We know that so many people across the world are looking to get into such a position but aren’t sure how to go about it, if you have any questions send them in



The most recent addition to our writers has one of the most enviable jobs available – She heads conservation projects on the tropical shores of the Seychelles. Kat has been on Cousin Island for the past few months and has been witnessed the Hawksbill Turtle laying eggs on the beach, and worked to save the hatchlings that eventually emerged.She has been involved in the conservation of the endemic birds to the island and is involved in the academic papers that will eventually be published.

When she’s finished with her current project, Kat will be staying in the paradise of the Seychelles, but moving to the islands of Assumption and Aldabra to work on new projects We know that there are thousands of students and graduates up and down the country who would jump at the chance to be involved in such projects, and I know Kat worked very hard to get herself into her enviable position.

This is why we’re running a new Q&A with Kat over the next few weeks. We hope to be able to post loads of stunning photos of her work out there. If you have any questions about volunteering with animals, working abroad, how to get into conservation etc. then send us an e-mail with your question and we’ll put it to her.

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    What would be the best way to get a job in conservation?

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